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Step 1: Application Form

Proposed club submits an application online in Google Form.

Step 2: Interview

Student Life reviews applications. You will receive an interview within 10 days of submission.

Step 3: Legislative Council

If the application is approved after the interview, you will receive an email with a date for the next Legislative Council, where you will pitch your club to council members.

Step 4: Probationary Period

Student Life commissioners will attend random meetings. Email Student Life Commission at of the meeting time of the first club meeting. Your club may still be denied at any time within the...

probationary period if your club fails to uphold Student Life Commission's standards.

Step 5: Becoming Permanent

After 3 months, you will receive an email stating whether your club has become permanent or not.

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We will stop accepting club applications after 9/18/2021.


Automatic Denial


  • Discriminatory clubs

  • Clubs with the sole purpose of raising funds


  • Clubs with the sole purpose of "awareness"

  • If the advisor has 2 clubs already​

  • Too similar to a current club (Biotech Club is different than Biology Club, but they fall under the same category)

  • Lack of clarity for aspect

  • 2 clubs max per category (see Club List)

Please email OR dm us on instagram @mvstudlife if you have any questions.

Probationary Club Schedule
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