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Posters can be put on brick wall only, using blue tape.



Motions must be submitted for any act that requires school name, resources, location or money, aside from club meetings. Additional information about motions can be found here. Fundraisers no longer need motions, and you can fill out the fundraiser form instead. Motions can be submitted to the ASB president Nicholas Hsieh at



Club reimbursement forms (check requests) can be found in the office, at Mr. Wong's desk.



Send advisor the announcement first, to proof read, then email announcement to



No membership dues of any kind are allowed. Member donations are permitted.



​In order to be considered an active club you must meet a minimum of 2 times a month. Notes from each meeting must be submitted to the office to Mr. Wong. The meeting minutes form can be found here.



​Club Council meetings are held as needed. All clubs must have at least one officer present (preferably president). Failure to attend a club council meeting will result in a strike. There will be multiple reminders before the meeting takes place.



Failure to follow club policy will result in a strike. If a club earns two strikes the club will enter probationary period. If a third strike is issued, your club is disbanded.



Please be sure to keep your advisors informed about all club activities--they must be present at meetings and events.


What are stars?

→ Stars are points that can cancel out strikes and are earned by club good behavior

What are some examples of stars?

→ Promoting campus wellness through events, Campus clean ups, Interclub collaboration, Healthy food on club food day, General random acts of kindness

What are some examples of strikes?

→ Not cleaning up, Not putting away tables, Causing harm to other clubs, Not turning in meeting minutes, Not turning in envelope after club food day, Holding onto money after a fundraiser, Promoting an event before it is passed in Leadership Council, Holding a meeting without being a club, Not coming to club council

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